“The increasing role of renewables will create even more problems.”


“The increasing role of renewables will create even more problems.”

Speaker interview:
Alberto Ponti, Managing Director, Head of Utilities Team, Société Générale, UK.  During EMART Energy in November he will address the Power Trading session on “The challenge of fundamental alterations in the European base load and peak load merit orders”.

1) Could you give your vision on the European Energy Transition, the central theme of EMART Energy 2012? What development do you expect to have the largest impact?
An effective implementation of the market coupling mechanism is essential but also more interconnection is needed, both in electricity and gas markets.

2) What future do you see for the traded markets? What will be the main challenges?
The increasing role of renewables will create even more problems in balancing national grids, ensuring security of supply and eventually keeping consumers’ bills under control.  On top of this a larger recourse on reserve/dispatching markets risks of introducing huge distortions to the normal functioning of the wholesale electricity markets.  The latter, in the long term, may result in lower investments in new generating capacity.

3) What excites you today about energy trading?
It started as a local market and expanded into regional markets and now is, to some extent, a global market.

4) In your view, what is the importance of the EMART Energy conference?
Keeping abreast with most recent events/innovations in the sector.