Comprehensive weather information for analysts and energy traders on EMART Energy 2012


Comprehensive weather information for analysts and energy traders on EMART Energy 2012

Karlsruhe, 15/11/2012. On EMART Energy 2012, the international trading conference in Amsterdam from 21.-22. November, EWC Weather Consult GmbH responds to customer inquiries with geographically highly resolved products on weather conditions. Particular attention will be given to the Energy Trading Forecast, which provides a rapid popultaion-weighted overview of daily mean temperatures and their deviation from the long-time climate pattern for European regions. The Karlsruher, furthermore, show detailed forecasts of wind power production for regions in Germany and Europe as well as location-specific weather forecasts for every location worldwide.

On the 2-day international conference, EWC, a weather service provider founded in 1999, presents itself with customised and standard products in the field of weather forecasts, wind and solar power forecasts, historical analyses and statistics. In order to fulfil the pressure in energy trading for fast and well-founded weather information, the meteorologists react with hourly available updates for short-term forecasts at any forecasted location and gather rapid weather changes. The forecast data
incorporates various leading weather models, historical time series and real-time data of the respective measurement location.

The Energy Trading Forecast provides an overview of daily mean temperatures for European countries, regions and congested areas. By using temperature forecasts and deviations from the long-term mean climate pattern, the weather specialists represent future influences of weather conditions on power demand. Forecasted are daily mean temperatures for today and the following two days (Day-Ahead), for the current week (Intra-Week) and for the upcoming week (Week-Ahead). Further weather parameters relevant to the energy sector, such as wind chill factor, effective cloud cover and degree day figures, are available for the requested region besides the deviation from the 30-year mean climate.

EWC offers the wind sector a bouquet of wind services, whereat the emphasis is on wind power forecats. The benefits for analysts and power traders are the high forecast quality of power production with which one may determine the influence of wind power on the electricity tariff. EWC’s optional simulation calculations of a power feed-in help in training trading systems.


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EWC, an independent, private weather service provider, supplies timeand location-specific weather data, archives, expertises and forecasts as well as lightning and climate statistics for enterprises in the insurance and energy industry, for official authorities as well as for the sports & leisure time sector. By means of the latest internet technology as well as time- and location-specific data, meteorologists prepare short- and medium- term forecasts and make statements to all weather conditions in Germany and abroad. The company was founded in 1999. Due to qualified personnel, own weather models, co-opeations with competent partners and the consistent extension of the service portfolio, EWC actively enters national and international markets.