About us


About us

Synergy, a Clarion Events company, established in 1999, is dedicated to developing and organising high quality international conferences and exhibitions for and in co-operation with the energy and utilities industry worldwide. From Copenhagen, Warsaw, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Melbourne, Shanghai to Cairo our Synergy team has nearly four decades of experience in developing conferences & exhibitions on electricity, gas and water. Fields of expertise include energy trading in the broadest sense, customer end supply such as metering, billing and CRM/CIS, transmission and distribution management, decentralized energy, energy efficiency and ESCOs. The individual successes and expertise of the 25 head staff are since 1998 combined and focused in Synergy. Their skills are often complemented by the involvement of an Industry Conference & Advisory Committee.

Clarion Events is a leading international organiser of business-to-business and business-to-consumer events, serving 12 different market sectors from leisure and entertainment to finance, and from antiques and fine art to music. In 2005 alone, over 600,000 carefully targeted people visited our 60+ events across Britain, Europe, North America and Asia. They came to see, hear, touch, buy and learn about thousands of products from more than 12,000 companies.

For more information, see www.synergy-events.com