Bert den Ouden


Bert den Ouden is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of APX-ENDEX, the Anglo-Dutch-Belgian energy exchange for the spot and futures trading of electricity and natural gas markets. APX-ENDEX is a profitable energy exchange with more than 150 members from more than 20 countries, 130 employees and markets in 3 countries (Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain), with total cleared volume of 450 Billion kWh per year.. Bert den Ouden has been a pioneer in the integration of Europe electricity markets and played a key role in the development of the Market Coupling mechanism. Together with Belgian and French parties, he co-developed a sound partnership between exchanges and grid companies (Transmission System Operator’s) resulting in the launch of Belpex and the Trilateral Market Coupling between Netherlands, Belgium and France in 2006. This has been hailed by many, including the European Commission, as a big success and has been followed by many follow-up market integration initiatives (Pentalateral coupling, Nordic-CWE, BritNed) wherein Bert den Ouden maintains a close involvement. His other main other focus today is the integration of the gas markets. After his studies in Physics (Leiden, 1981), he started to work for an environmental consultancy developing energy conservation programmes and early initiatives for wind energy and, in particular, combined heat and power, CHP (today close to 50% of Dutch power capacity). He continued this during his next employment with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (The Hague, 1987), supervising programmes for carbon-reducing energy conservation, CHP and renewable energy in a private-public partnership with the energy utilities during the nineties. Subsequently he was involved in a ministry team that developed the new policy for energy market liberalization in 1995. This was continued during his next following position at the Dutch Association of Energy Companies (Arnhem, 1997) where he co-ordinated the feasibility project for the energy exchange, resulting in the launch of APX (Amsterdam, 1999) of which he became the first CEO, a position he still holds today. Apart from his role as a CEO of APX-ENDEX Bert den Ouden is a Board member Belpex, the Belgian Power exchange, and a Board member of APEx, the world association of power exchanges.